Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Loyalists Attack Republican Memorial in Newry

The socialist republican party éirígí have strongly condemned those responsible for a cowardly attack on a republican memorial in Newry.

The memorial, situated at the site of the iconic Egyptian Arch ambush, was erected by éirígí in 2010 tocommemorate the 90th anniversary of the heroic operation which saw three IRA volunteers lose their lives.
The perpetrators sprayed the initials of a sinister British counter gang, the UVF, onto the plaque in the early hours of Tuesday morning [June 30].
Slamming those responsible éirígí’s Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney, who spearheaded the erection of the memorial, said “We strongly condemn the sectarian attack on this memorial. The sectarian bigots responsible are only interested in stoking tension, particularly at this time of year.
“This memorial is in memory of three republican revolutionaries who were killed as a result of the ambush against the British forces of occupation at this location. The same occupation continues to this day.”
Murney continued “We were made aware that the memorial was defaced early on Tuesday morning. Our activists subsequently made our way to the plaque and removed thespray paint
“In the coming weeks Newry and Bessbrook are going to besubjected to countless unwanted sectarian parades, those parades like the desecration of this memorial, are only designed to create tension.”
Concluding Stephen said “Sinister attacks such as this certainly won’t deter éirígí and our activists from remembering our fallen martyrs.”

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