Monday, 6 July 2015

Sectarian Marches Set for Newry

Next weekend, residents in Newry and the surrounding area are going to be subjected to a  total of nine sectarian parades 11th July - 14th July.

Each of these parade routes include some of the busiest streets in the centre of Newry. In fact, when the return legs of the parades, which take place several hours later, there are actually at least twelve sectarian parades taking place in the space of four days.

As per usual severe disruption is expected as a direct result of these parades with local residents, motorists, shoppers and businesses being effected.

Commenting on the unwanted sectarian parades éirígí's Newry representative Stephen Murney said "There are at least 12 sectarian marches due to take place in the Newry area within the next week, all in the space of just four days. This is a worrying development and many local residents are becoming increasingly frustrated at the disruption and inconvenience caused, not to mention they have to endure the spectacle of participants in these triumphalist parades dancing around the streets of Newry. These are clearly coat-trailing exercises and the number planned to take place much call into question the whole rationale behind them.

"The PSNI will again deploy accompanied by their heavily armed TSG units to saturate the streets in the town centre for each of these marches, thus causing traffic disruption throughout Newry. Many local residents will also be unable to, or will be too intimidated to, venture outside their homes.

Murney continued "The organisers of these marches, along with unionist representatives, constantly tell us that these are "fun filled events" with a "festival atmosphere" which take place to express "culture".

"The reality is that the organisations which take part, such as the Orange Order, are founded on bigotry and hatred. It was just a few months ago that unionist thugs in band uniforms attacked a local resident’s car causing damage and fear to the victims. That particular incident was highlighted in the local media.”

Concluding Stephen reiterated éirígí's opposition to sectarian marches by saying "The scourge of sectarianism has no place in today's society. These unwanted parades should be stopped indefinitely and the people of Newry should be allowed to go about their daily business without being subjected to a hate filled display of bigotry year in and year out.

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