Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sectarian Intimidation in Newry

Just over a week after the new Newry by-pass was opened unionists rushed to mark their territory on the outskirts of the city.

A month has now passed since “orangefest” graced the streets of the North and despite unionists leaving a trail of destruction behind them in Ardoyne, and sectarian intimidation in Newtownbutler, they continue to indulge in sectarian intimidation by erecting flags in Newry.

The bizarre thing about this is that there are no housing estates nearby, it’s clear that those responsible for erecting these flags have done so in a blatant attempt to intimidate people and wrongly claim the area as a unionist area.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of nationalists have to travel along this road on a daily basis heading both north and south and the last thing they need is to feel intimidated by unionists whilst travelling through the area.

We in eirigi believe in the right for everyone to live free from sectarian harassment, regardless of whether they live in Ardoyne, Newtownbutler, Portadown or Newry.

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