Monday, 9 August 2010

Successful Mountain-top Protest

Around 100 people participated in éirígí’s demonstration on the Divis Mountain in Belfast on Saturday [August 7].

The demonstration took place in opposition to the British Ministry of Defence laying claim to a section of the mountain, where they have maintained a military communications post.

Speaking at the protest, rúnaí ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnaith said: “Today we are standing at another example of the British misuse of Irish resources. The Divis Mountain is a piece of natural heritage that should be the property of all the people of Belfast, to be appreciated and enjoyed.

“Instead, this part of it has been misused by the British war machine in Ireland, at times through sentry boxes and at times through use as a communications post. Every person who has a concern for human rights or national independence should actively be opposed to the presence of such outposts in Ireland.”

Mac Cionnaith spoke of the history of the mountain, noting that the protest was taking place not far from the spot where the United Irishmen first came together in 1791 and pledged to oppose British rule in Ireland. He also commented on recent remarks about éirígí in the corporate media, challenging Sinn Féin to a public debate with the party in west Belfast.

Following the embarrassment caused to them by a similar éirígí demonstration last year, the PSNI had a more low-key presence this time around. Two PSNI helicopters hovered above the demonstration while three land rovers sat in the car park taking vehicle registration details. This was used to stop and harass a number of people as they left in their cars, though this attempt to isolate people in smaller numbers proved futile.

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