Tuesday, 15 February 2011

British Army Back On The Streets

Once again, nationalist youths in Newry are being goaded and provoked by the British forces.
The latest incident occurred in the Carnagat and Parkhead areas of the city on Thursday, February 10 when the British army, along with their colleagues in the PSNI, launched a major operation in the nationalist areas.

Over a dozen armoured PSNI landrovers and British army jeeps descended on the working class area, whilst dozens of heavily armed PSNI paramilitaries and British soldiers disembarked from their vehicles and launched a major search operation.

This has become a regular occurrence in these areas over the past few months, with the PSNI regularly provoking nationalist youths, the last time they did this in the same area it resulted in the most serious rioting seen in decades.

In this recent incident, the PSNI were joined by British army soldiers who saturated the area. The Crown Forces proceeded to search storm drains and manholes. True to form and as predicted, they also spent their time goading youths and disrupting residents from going about their daily business.

Rúnaí ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnaith said: “Despite the best efforts of the establishment parties to portray this society as normal, it’s perfectly clear that it is far from normal. We are still under occupation and we still have armed British soldiers along with PSNI paramilitaries on our streets.

“In fact, the British army have increased their operations in recent times, with at least two sinister covert units being re-deployed in Occupied Ireland. British armed forces in Ireland have colluded with unionist death squads and are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Irish men, women, and children. The Six Counties remains under occupation and 5,000 British troops remain garrisoned in military bases across the north.

Mac Cionnaith added: “éirígí’s position is simple, the British army is not welcome in any part of Ireland, under any guise, under any circumstances. We will continue to resist all forms of imperialism whether it’s the British army or their colleagues in the PSNI.

“In the coming months, éirígí will be stepping up its campaign against British rule, we appeal for people to join us in rebuilding popular resistance to the occupation.”

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