Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Resist the Tory/Stormont Cuts

With savage cuts on public services on the way, éirígí are urging people to fight back and build opposition to the inevitable onslaught. As the British Tory government prepares to introduce widespread cuts to public sector services, Stormont will dutifully follow suit through ‘modernisation agendas’, ‘health service streamlining’ and ‘investment incentives’

éirígí’s Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney said: “At a time when many people and communities are already suffering severe hardship, if these cuts are implemented it would make matters much worse. These cuts will leave working class people bereft of adequate healthcare provision, access to quality education and denied the community infrastructure and resources it took so long to build. “

“In the Newry area, those cuts have already resulted in a serious lack of social housing. The far-reaching impact of that social housing shortage can be seen locally through the fact that, last year, Newry was chosen to “pilot” a private landlords scheme – further proof of Stormont’s underlying agenda to privatise public services.”

“Also In the Newry and Mourne area, official statistics show that there are now roughly 3,722 people, or 5.9% of the population, currently unemployed. However, if one adds in the “hidden” unemployed who are locally seeking work but don’t meet JSA criteria, then the figure for the Newry and Mourne area rises to almost 6,000 people looking for work. Young people are being particularly hard-hit with up to 30% of the total unemployed aged under twenty-five.”

Murney continued: “The policies being pursued by the Stormont executive will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has observed the impotence of that body since its establishment. Stormont’s economic agenda is clearly designed in Britain and implemented without question by the establishment parties in the Six County executive.”

“People need to remember that it will be the Stormont parties who will be enforcing these cuts upon us at the behest of the British government. Some Stormont politicians claim to have our best interests at heart and claim to be opposed to the cuts yet they will be the very people enforcing them. They need to be resisted and opposed.

“The reality for people in the Six Counties will be a massive, negative impact on housing, employment, health and social services, continued community disintegration and housing shortages, and reduced services for the ill and vulnerable. Stormont won’t be able to provide any alternative.”

“If the establishment parties in Stormont particularly those who claim to be left-wing, genuinely care about the already deprived communities and are opposed to the cuts being demanded by the British government, they should refuse to administer them and join the rest of us on the streets in a campaign of resistance.”

Stephen concluded “For our part, éirígí will stand shoulder to shoulder with the working class people and disadvantaged communities who will be on the receiving end of these vicious attacks. Stormont and those who inhabit it can provide no answers to the problems facing working class people. “

“They have failed miserably and this is clear proof that Stormont isn’t working.”

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