Wednesday, 29 June 2011

éirígí Newry to Intensify Different Name, Same Aim Campaign

Republicans in Newry will no longer sit back and let the British forces continue with their campaign of harassment and intimidation unopposed.

éirígí’s Stephen Murney was speaking after receiving numerous complaints from people in the Newry area who are suffering as a result of the bully boy tactics meted out by these uniformed thugs.

“At the minute people are approaching éirígí on an almost daily basis to report incidents of PSNI harassment. Some of these victims are being stopped 3 or 4 times a day and it’s clearly a deliberate and planned strategy to try to intimidate and isolate republicans. A number of our supporters have also found themselves being arrested and then having curfews imposed on them by British courts. This is a clear tactic to try and keep republicans off the streets and out of sight.

éirígí have been involved in a continuous campaign to resist and oppose the British police and their repressive activities. This Different Name, Same Aim campaign has been rolled out across the 6 counties, including here in Newry for over a year. It’s now time for us to intensify this campaign to resist these forces and to counter their draconian tactics.” Stephen said.

Stephen continued “Despite the continued suffering and injustices we still have the PSNI cheerleaders who continue to support them whilst ignoring the suffering of those they claim to represent. How can they tell the people of Derrybeg, Carnagat and Barcroft that the PSNI is a depoliticised civic police service when this force is pursuing a strategy of relentless harassment and intimidation directed towards people from those very communities? These people, who only seem to have their own interests at heart, have firmly placed themselves in the camp of the counter-revolution.

éirígí’s revitalised campaign will include more vigorous actions, the details of which we will announce in the near future and we urge the people of Newry to join us on the streets to resist this unaccountable British paramilitary force.”

Murney concluded “No doubt éirígí’s campaign to confront British policing will be met with a fierce response from the PSNI and no doubt they will use all resources available to try and quell any form of resistance. Despite the inevitable we remain undeterred and determined, as James Connolly said “We defy you, do your worst!”

Protest against MI5 and PSNI harassment of republicans, organised by éirígí. Sat 2nd July. Ardmore PSNI barracks, Belfast Road, Newry, 2pm

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