Sunday, 12 February 2012

éirígí launch stencil campaign in Newry

éirígí in Newry have recently launched a stencil campaign in the area to promote the party's socialist republican ideals.
éirígí’s Stephen Murney explained “We have produced a number of stencils one of which depicts an image of ,icon revolutionary figure, James Connolly with his famous quote “WE DEFY YOU” DO YOUR WORST!”. This stencil is designed to promote Connolly’s socialist, working class ideals, especially at this particular time of economic crisis and hardship.
“Another stencil shows the silhouette of a PSNI paramilitary gunman and is being used as part of our “Different Name, Same Aim” campaign. This stencil highlights the unchanged nature of British policing in occupied Ireland. It was recently revealed that 75% of PSNI “civilian staff” served as RUC members. This stencil will serve part of our ongoing campaign against British policing.
Stephen continued “Over the past few years éirígí have been involved in several high visibility campaigns using, stickers, flags, posters and banners in the Newry area. These stencils will now be a regular feature in our activities. They are designed to get people’s attention and make them think about the current situation we are facing. On one hand we have a savage onslaught being waged against the working class by the Tory/Stormont governments and on the other hand those who are highlighting this onslaught are being targeted by the British/Stormont police force. This police force, like any other, is an anti-working class body whose primary aim is to uphold the occupation and protect the powerful and wealthy”.
Murney concluded “We announced that we would mark the New Year by adopting several new initiatives to use in our local campaigns, this is just the beginning and we currently have a number of other ideas and projects that we will announce in the coming weeks.
“Anyone who wishes to help éirígí build a strong, militant community of resistance in Newry can contact any local activist”

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