Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clann éirígí membership now available online

Clann éirígí
At the November 2011 éirígí Ard-Fheis the party launched a new national and international supporters’ organisation called Clann éirígí (the word ‘clann’ is the Irish for ‘family’). On Easter Sunday 2012 Clann éirígí went online with the launch of an electronic application form on the éirígí website.

In return for an annual membership fee (€20 waged / €5 unwaged) members of Clann éirígí receive:

Four quarterly newsletters (two hardcopy and two electronic)

  • A green star badge
  • Visitor status at éirígí Ard-Fheiseanna (numbers permitting)
  • Notice of upcoming éirígí events in their area (where appropriate)

Membership of Clann éirígí is open to those who are:

  • Over sixteen years of age
  • Resident anywhere in the world, including Ireland
  • Supportive of the principles and objectives of éirígí as contained within Bunreacht éirígí

Speaking in relation to the online launch of Clann éirígí, rúnaí ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnaith said, “In the six years since éirígí was founded the need for a formal éirígí supporters’ organisation has become increasingly clear to us. Hundreds of people from all corners of the globe have indicated their desire to join either éirígí or some form of éirígí support organisation. Up until now we have been unable to accommodate these international supporters.

“And here in Ireland countless others have made it clear that they would join a formal support organisation, should one exist. Many of these people, who are unable to join the main party for a wide variety of genuine reasons, still want to be a formal part of our project. Clann éirígí is recognition of the fact that many people simply cannot commit the sort of time and energy that is required for membership of an activism-based organisation like éirígí.

“Clann éirígí is aimed at those people both inside and outside of Ireland who want to formally align themselves with the objectives, analysis and activism of éirígí. For a relatively small sum of money it allows people to show solidarity with the struggle for Irish freedom whilst also keeping themselves abreast of important developments via the quarterly newsletter and electronic updates. I would encourage anyone who supports éirígí, regardless of where they live, to join Clann éirígí and make a positive step towards building the Irish revolutionary movement that our great country needs.”

To join Clann éirígí please go to the ‘Join Us’ page and fill in the Clann éirígí application form. The ‘Join Us’ page can be accessed here. http://www.eirigi.org/about_us/join.php#clann

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