Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter Marked in Newry, Despite State Force Harassment

The PSNI targeted those attending the National Graves Association event at Easter.
Sarah Murphy Speaking at the NGA Event
Among those stopped and searched by the PSNI prior of the commemorative event was 80 year old Sarah Murphy. Sarah is the National Graves Association representative for the area and is a well respected local veteran Republican.
Sarah was spread eagled at the side of the road and was vigorously searched, along with several other people, by heavily armed members of the PSNI militia, who claimed they were searching for ammunition, wireless apparatus and transmitters.
éirígí's Newry representative Stephen Murney who attended the event and witnessed the harassment explained "It's not surprising that the PSNI sought to target those who simply wished to remember Ireland's patriot dead in a dignified fashion.
"It matters not the age or gender of the individual, as this incident proves. This is simply political policing of Irish Republicans. I have no doubt in my mind that Sarah Murphy will be totally unfazed by this"
80 year old Sarah Murphy's Stop and Search Card

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