Monday, 16 March 2015

“Enough is Enough” – Stormont Gets the Message in Newry

éirígí activists were among hundreds of people who took to the streets of Newry in protest against Stormont’s austerity programme. Activists from the socialist republican party held aloft our “Stormont isn’t Working” banner which attracted quite a lot of attention from fellow protesters.

The large crowd listened intently as speaker after speaker lambasted the Stormont politicians who are directly responsible for implementing Tory cuts.

Speaking after the protest rally éirígí’s Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney reiterated the party’s support for the striking workers “A strong and clear message has been sent to the Stormont politicians, not only here in Newry but across the 6 counties, we won’t sit idly by whilst politicians attack the most vulnerable in society.

“Public services are being slashed and privatisation is high on Stormont’s agenda. Job losses are rife and benefits are being cut. The health and education services are being attacked and reduced by those acting at the behest of the Tories.”

Murney continued “It’s fitting that Daisy Hill Hospital is the venue for today’s protest rally, given the fact that the Stroke Unit is facing closure. This is a direct attack on the most vulnerable in society, most notably the sick and elderly.

“Vice-Chair of Unite the Union, Davy Hyland, made it clear when he stated “Enough is enough”, people need to fight back and help create a new society. We stand here today with the workers, the unemployed, the sick, the young and the elderly. Everybody in society will be affected by Stormont’s cuts. We in éirígí will fully support and stand by everyone who is willing to take part in the working class struggle".

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