Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sectarian bigot fest returns to Newry

The news that almost 100 loyalist bands and over 4,000 of their supporters  are due to descend on Newry this Friday [April 17] has prompted the socialist republican party éirígí to raise grave concerns at this annual display of sectarian triumphalism, which will precede other marches throughout the summer.

 Commenting on the upcoming sectarian parade éirígí's Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney said "This parade is unwanted and unwelcome in this town, yet year in and year out unionist bigots insist in persisting with this annual coat-trailing exercise.
"On what would normally be a busy Friday evening, many nationalist residents of Newry will have no alternative but to completely avoid the parade route which will effectively close off one of the busiest routes into the city, with the detrimental knock-on effect which this will have on social and commercial life. As usual, the PSNI will also be present in large numbers to seal off roads to facilitate this display of bigotry".

Furthermore Stephen added, “Quite a number of the bands which are listed to take part in this parade are linked to unionist paramilitary groups.

"As per usual we will see unionist bandsmen and supporters openly drinking and urinating in the street. This is what the decent people of Newry have to look forward to".

The local party representative concluded "Sectarianism has no place in our society and these unwanted parades need to be stopped once and for all"

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