Thursday, 22 October 2015

éirígí Newry Slam Pathetic PSNI Normalisation Stunts


The Revolutionary Republican Party éirígí, has slammed what can only be described as a pathetic PSNI normalisation stunt which was recently launched in Newry by former republicans in Sinn Féin in conjunction with the toothless “Policing and Community Safety Partnership” [PCSP].
The So-called “Coffee with A Cop” initiative will see PSNI human rights abusers being present at a number of establishments in locations across Newry on a fortnightly basis to, in their words, “engage with the community”. Pictured in the embarrassing photograph of the launch was a rather awkward looking Sinn Féin councillor, and chair of the Newry PCSP, Mickey Larkin.
Slamming the petty event and those behind it, éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney said “Ever since former republicans made the decision to support the British forces of occupation, namely the PSNI, we have witnessed an obvious and deliberate attempt to integrate the PSNI into nationalist and republican communities across the six-counties using various means and methods. This is a deliberate policy which former republicans are instrumental in pursuing. The long held republican demand to “Disband the RUC” never became a reality.
“The PSNI is a force which habitually abuses the human rights of men, women and children across occupied Ireland using various means. For example the ongoing use of draconian stop and searches, harassment, intimidation, house raids and internment of Irish citizens. Residents of communities in Newry have been subjected to each of these means. Let’s not forget that the PSNI work hand in glove with MI5 with many of the house raids and stop and searches being carried out under the instructions of the British security services.”
Referencing other PSNI normalisation stunts Stephen continued ”On a regular basis we witness the PSNI taking part in similar events that constitutionalist nationalists are involved in organising and promoting. In many of these events we witness images of young kids wearing peeler hats, playing in various PSNI vehicles whilst armed members of the PSNI pose beside them smiling in photographs. These are classic examples of the normalisation strategy which is used to try to make the force appear like a normal policing service, something which they are far from.
“The people, and communities, of Newry should not feel as if they have to accept and work with these sinister forces. They simply don’t have to do it. They didn’t have to do it in the past and they certainly don’t have to do it today. Those who choose to promote these forces should seriously reconsider their policy of working with human rights abusers. Political policing and harassment is as real today as it was in any of the past few decades and no amount of pathetic publicity stunts and petty photo opportunities will change that.”
Concluding Murney said “I would also say to those with a political agenda to examine your conscience and stop providing political cover for the British state forces and their actions which violate human rights.
“We in éirígí want to make it clear that we will continue to expose the PSNI and their apologist cheerleaders regardless.”

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