Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Selective Condemnation Ignores the Reality of Political Policing

 In recent times the national media along with the international media have been dominated with headlines in relation to political policing. Indeed some prominent apologists for the British state forces have referred to a "dark side" of policing. 

Political policing and the "dark side" that comes with it did not just become a reality last Wednesday. It is something that has been part and parcel of British occupation for decades and it's an issue that we in éirígí have been highlighting, exposing and opposing since our party were formed. Yet these new found opponents of political policing demonised and labelled those of us who spoke out against the unchanged nature of British policing, this can only be described as hypocrisy at it's best. 

Along with the political dark side of policing comes the issue of Internment by remand. Bear in mind, normally, when republicans are arrested Nationalist parties such as Sinn Fein and the SDLP call for them to face "due process", which as we know can include being charged and interned for 14 months and even longer. It's noticable that there were no such calls for "due process" last week from those same quarters. 

Internment by remand is an issue, which on a regular basis, directly emanates from political policing, and which the PSNI along with the British "justice" system and PPS are directly involved in. It entails the victim going through a conveyor belt type of process which includes several days of interrorgation in Antrim, charged and remanded by a non-jury Diplock court for up to 3 years in Maghaberry before the case either collapses or the charges are withdrawn. 

I would urge all right minded people to oppose and speak out against political policing and Internment, not only when it suits or directly effects them but each time it happens. To remain silent is to accept it and to engage in selective condemnation means simply to ignore the reality of British policing in Ireland. 

To quote Patsy O Hara "After we are gone what will you say you were doing? Will you say you were with us in our struggle? Or were you conforming to the very system that drove us to our deaths?" 

Is mise
Stephen Murney
éirígí Newry

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