Monday, 16 June 2014

éirígí Condemn Derrybeg House Raids

éirígí in Newry have strongly condemned the PSNI for carrying out early morning raids in the Derrybeg area on Wednesday morning and have described the raid as an attack on the entire community.

Heavily armed members of the PSNI's Tactical Support Group (TSG) arrived in force and proceeded to search a house in the estate using "Anti-terror" legislation.

Speaking from Derrybeg éirígí's Newry spokesperson Stephen Murney blasted the PSNI's actions "I witnessed this heavy handed raid this morning and I spoke with the family targeted. This family have lived in this estate for over 50 years and are highly respected in the area. This isn't the first time that this family have been targeted by the state forces in this manner, they have endured numerous house raids over the years. The victim is a former community activist who hasn't been politically active for a number of years due to ill health"

"During the raid numerous boiler suited PSNI members, some of whom were masked, stormed their way into the property along with sniffer dogs. While other PSNI personnel were situated around the house and surrounding streets wielding automatic assault rifles. Damage was also caused to the house during the raid and unsurprisingly nothing was found."

Stephen continued "This isn't just an attack on this family, it is an attack on the entire Derrybeg community. Serious questions also have to be asked of the newly elected councillors, the same people who claim to represent the people in this community. Will they remain forever silent? or will they speak out and condemn such attacks on our community at the hands of the British state forces. 

"In recent times elected representatives in Newry & Mourne Council have expressed concern about the treatment of people from other areas at the hands of the PSNI. We demand that they express the same concern and condemnation of similar treatment directed towards their own constituents rather than engage in selective condemnation when it suits them".

"The family in question have thanked éirígí for offering and showing support and solidarity during this ordeal.

Murney concluded "As always éirígí will stand with the victims and will continue to speak out against such human rights abuses. Others should do likewise rather than provide political cover for the perpetrators."

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